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MIG Textiles is proud to introduce ‘The Australian’ range of quality bedding

MIG Textiles is a proud Australian family owned and run business specialising in manufacturing wool quilts and pillows.

Established in 1933 and now run by the fourth generation, our Australian family owned business is proud to offer one of our most famous natural resources to the world – Australian Wool. This resilient natural fibre produces quality bedding products for the whole family all year round.

On average you are awake for two thirds of your life, but its not very productive if you don’t get that elusive ‘good nights sleep’. That good nights sleep can be found right when you purchase one of our Australian made products.

When you purchase from The Australian™ range, you’re supporting the future of Australian manufacturing and our farmers, and becoming the proud owner of a beautiful quality product that will give you a restful nights sleep for years to come.

5th Generation

5th Generation


While wool quilts are our specialty, we also use the finest alpaca in selected products.

Originally from South America, Alpaca’s have adapted to the harsh conditions that surrounded them for thousands of years and now produce the finest natural fibre in the world.

Alpaca’s were first introduced into Australia in 1989 and are now roaming many Australian farms.

Alpaca fibre is extremely lightweight, water resistant, dust resistant and approximately 3 times warmer than sheep’s wool.

As the alpaca fibre is quite delicate, producing bedding products with the fibre is a difficult and long process.

Due to the difficulty in manufacturing with alpaca fibre, we have carefully chosen to use it in selected products.

Once you sleep under an alpaca quilt, you’ll never look back.

Click here for further information about alpaca.

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