What is an Alpaca?

The Alpaca is a long-haired domesticated mammal of the camel family, related to the llama. The Alpaca is originally from South America where they have been imported and farmed in Australia.

Where is the Australian™ Alpaca from?

The Alpaca fleece found in the Australian™ quilts is sourced from Australian farms in NSW.

How warm is Alpaca compared to sheep’s wool?

Thermal testing completed with the CSIRO has found that Alpaca fleece is 30% warmer than sheep’s wool in a quilt.

What is so good about Alpaca fleece?

  • Alpaca fibres porous nature is naturally dry and clean which prevents dust mites and other allergens from setting in
  • Alpaca fleece has outstanding softness/drape, is lightweight, is breathable and is long lasting
  • Alpaca fleece is a natural temperature regulator and reduces heat build up