Alpaca fleece is even more premium than cashmere

The alpaca has evolved for centuries in the harsh Andean conditions, and was only introduced in Australia in the late 20th century. Now we can all benefit from its amazing qualities.

What is the difference between alpaca fleece and sheep’s wool?

Having lived for thousands of years in the high-altitude Andes, the alpaca has developed a coat that keeps it warm in the harsh freezing winters while simultaneously keeping it cool under the scorching summer sun. This gives its fleece a rare combination of qualities to make it as efficient as possible. In comparison to sheep’s wool, alpaca fleece is lighter and 30% warmer.

What is so good about Alpaca fleece?

Other than being lighter and 30% warmer than sheep’s wool, alpaca fleece is a natural insulator and reduces heat build up. Alpaca fibres porous nature is naturally dry and clean which prevents dust mites and other allergens from setting in. It is also supersoft, breathable, water resistant and strong enough to last many years. The fleece is hypoallergenic because it doesn’t contain lanolin – a common source of irritation. Alpaca fleece has outstanding drape allowing it to wrap around your body while keeping you warm and snug.

Is an alpaca the same as a llama?

No! The Alpaca is a long-haired domesticated mammal of the camel family, related to the llama. Alpaca’s are smaller than llama’s and have superior fleece qualities to a llama. The image below shows the difference between the two animals (the alpaca is on the right).

Where do we source our alpaca from?

The Alpaca fleece found in all our products is sourced from Australian farms nationwide.

Australian Grown

All our alpaca products contain Australian grown alpaca

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