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Sourcing the highest quality sheep’s wool is easy when its grown in your own backyard

With almost 70 million sheep in Australia, there is plenty of wool to go around but not all wool is created equally.

Despite there being an abundance of wool available in Australia we are still very selective on the type of wool used in our products

There are dozens of different breeds of sheep in Australia and all of them produce wool with different characteristics. Generally speaking there are variations between the colour, softness, length and diameter of the wool. Then we look at where on sheep the wool sheared has come from (the back or the legs for example). Given the different variations in wool, some are better for producing yarn and some are better for making quilts. The wool selection for our products has evolved over the years and only the best make it into our products.

We only use the best quality wool in our products

It should come as no surprise that sheep are dirty (they do run around in an open field after all). After the wool is sheared it comes with many extras including dirt, grass, insects and even faeces. These extras are known as vegetable matter (vm). During the cleaning process, vm is removed from the raw wool. The more vm that is removed, the better the grade. We only use the highest grade of wool available and while it is difficult to completely remove all vm, our wool contains less than 1%.

We use 100% wool in all our wool products

The exact contents of our products are proudly displayed on each label. So when we say the product contains 100% Australian wool, it really does have 100% Australian wool. If a product is a wool blend, this is specified on the relevant product label. Many consumers, if not all, assume that because a product says ‘Australian Wool’, the entire contents are 100% Australian Wool. This assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth. Unfortunately there are no Australian laws requiring manufacturers to display the contents of their products (except for food). Furthermore products can contain only 30% wool and its considered a wool product.

Do we use organic wool?

Put simply, no. Any claims made that organic wool is in their products are impossible – organic wool does not exist. Before raw wool reaches any manufacturer, it goes through a cleaning process. This cleaning process removes vegetable matter (see previous paragraph) and the removal process is virtually impossible without the use of chemicals. Fortunately our wool is processed in Australia and is subject to one of the world’s most stringent (if not the toughest) rules and regulations when using chemicals.

I would love a wool quilt but I am allergic to wool…

A commonly heard complaint, but unfortunately misguided. For decades there has been a common myth that wool causes allergic reactions, a myth further promoted through medical practitioners as there was no ‘evidence’ saying otherwise. Ongoing research conducted by leading professionals over the last few years has proven that wool is not an allergen while some wool may even benefit skin conditions. The most common cause of allergic reactions to wool is the chemicals used with the wool and other parts of the finished product. Work is still being done to promote these facts to the wider community but if you would like to read about this study, here is a link to the Australian Woolmark Company website with the article ‘Debunking the myth that wool is an allergen‘.

We mean what we say and we say what we mean.

We always like to give our customers exactly what they pay for. If this wasn’t true, our company wouldn’t have survived for as long as it has – we are 87 years young! All our products vary not only by the content but also by the weight. For example, when we say the product has 500gsm (grams per square meter) of wool, we mean it has a fill weight of 500gsm of wool. Many of our competitors will claim their wool product has 500gsm, but this includes the weight of the wool and the weight of all the other components such as the fabric. In the end the true weight of the wool will be closer to 450gsm.

Did you know that over 95% of ‘Australian Wool’ quilts are not actually made in Australia?

A common misconception is that because products say in large writing ‘Australian Wool’, consumers automatically assume the product is made in Australia. If you look closely enough (you may have to squint) you will find the products true origin. Just so you know, if it doesn’t say Made in Australia, it ain’t made here.

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All our wool products are certified by The Woolmark Company

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All our wool products contain Australian grown wool

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