Bobbie Lavender Wool Pillow


Our all natural, all Australian wool pillow with pure Tasmanian lavender flowers will take you to slumberland in no time.


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Made with Australia's finest wool (blended with microfibre) this pillow contains natural lavender flowers (not lavender oil) from Tasmania's Bridestowe Lavender Farm inside 100% cotton japara fabric. Beautifully finished with purple piping, the lavender pillow is warm and breathable with a soft/medium firmness providing a soft and soothing nights sleep. Proudly made in Australia with a 2 year warranty. The fill weight is 700 grams (not including the weight of the lavender flowers). This pillow is not washable and we strongly recommend against washing any pillows as the pillow fill will go clumpy and will never return to 'normal'. We highly recommend the use of a pillow protector which can be washed with the pillow case.
  • Standard (45 x 70cm)